Frequently asked Questions

Getting Started
Personal Data Protection & Privacy
    Boost Mobile understands the need to protect all information stored on devices that you submit through its system. Every submitted device will be thoroughly wiped of all data and reset to factory settings as soon as it is permissible by law to do so.
    As part of Alegre’s Second-Hand Dealers License, we are required by law to verify your identity. To see how Alegre securely manage your personal information and other details please see our Privacy Policy
    We are able to reuse, refurbish, repair and redistribute new, used, broken and unwanted electronic devices. When we receive items in either working or broken condition, they can be reused for parts and resold. Recycle only items which we are not able to pay for are recycled with our ISO certified recycling partners and scraped for their material value.
    The whole concept behind this service is based on keeping electronics out of landfill and maximising their use before they become obsolete. For every second-hand device created and reintroduced to the marketplace, a new device is not being manufactured in its place to fit that same need.
Selling Your Devices
    Your trade-in offer it is valid for 14 days. You’ll be emailed your Australia Post shipping label when your transaction is complete. If it arrives outside of this timeframe, the price will be adjusted to the current market rate.
    We accept devices which power on and are able to download the Boost Mobile Trade-in app. It does not matter what physical condition your items are in, if they can be used for parts or if it is possible to repair them, we will take it.
    Our team run an additional diagnostic test on your device when it arrives at our facility – for both functionality and cosmetic condition. In most cases, our diagnosis will match your submission. In the event there is a discrepancy with your trade-in value, we will contact you by email to offer a revised amount and provide you with the option to have your device returned should you not wish to proceed. In this instance, postage fees for the return of the device will apply. If you do not respond to our communication within 5 business days we will proceed to complete the payment based on the revised trade-in value.
    If you have over 10 devices, please contact us directly and we’d be more than happy to tailor a trade-in quote.
    We accept devices in any condition! Good, Poor & Broken - it does not matter what condition your items are in, if they can be used for parts or if it is possible to repair them, we will take it.
Shipping Your Item
    1. Backup your device so that you have all your important pictures, contacts and information
    2. Ensure you have removed any Activation Lock such as iCloud or Google Lock. If your device is returned to us with this lock enabled we cannot complete your device assessment and payment.
    3. Remove your SIM Card, Memory Card and Accessories

    Option 1 - Using your device
    - Open Settings
    - Tap your name at the top of the Settings screen
    - Scroll to the bottom of the screen and Sign Out or Delete from Account

    Option 2 - Using
    - Go to
    - Sign in with your Apple ID
    - Select Find My iPhone
    - Click All Devices at the top of the screen
    - Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud
    - Click Remove from Account Please ensure the device has been removed and is not showing as 'offline'

    Follow the steps below to sign out of your Google Account remotely:
    - Go to and ensure you are logged into the correct Google account
    - Go to the 'Security' section on the left side
    - Scroll down to 'Your devices' and click on 'Manage devices'
    - Locate the device you returned and click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the corresponding device
    - Select 'Sign out'
    - A pop up window should appear and you will just need to click on 'Sign out' again
    - Once this has been completed, the device should move down to "Where you've signed out"
    When you complete your transaction, we’ll email you an Australia Post shipping label. From there, head to your nearest Australia Post to drop off your device – no charge! You can either securely package your device yourself or Australia Post staff can package it up for you.
    You can drop your device off at any Australia Post office – just take a copy of your shipping label that you received in your confirmation email. You can either securely package your device yourself or Australia Post staff can package it up for you.
    No. For high value items (over $100), we recommend upgrading to registered post for a small fee.
    Packaging for your device will be provided at Australia Post. If you prefer to package yourself, you can wrap your device securely using newspaper, bubble wrap or something similar for protection. Then inside a suitable box or padded post bag.
    Your device trade-in payment will be issued within one (1) week of our team successfully processing your device. This includes receipt of your device at our processing facility where the device is validated to ensure is aligns with the make, model, eligibility & condition as submitted during the trade-in process.
    During the checkout process, you can choose to be paid via:
    - PayPal
    - Direct deposit to your bank account
My Account
    We will send email updates as soon as we receive your item, once the item has been processed and when the payment has been issued. If you created an account, you can also check your order details and status by logging in.
    You can edit or update your account information simply by logging in. Click on View Account Information and you will be able to see all of your payment shipping and account information. Simply click on the appropriate area you wish to update or edit.
Stolen Items
    Every trade-in device we pay for is submitted and crosschecked to a police database to see if the item has been reported as lost or stolen. In the event an item has been submitted that is stolen we will work with police to help track down the item and return it to the true owner. A person who submits items to us that have been reported lost or stolen may then be contacted by the police for questioning.
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